Akron Organizing Collaborative

Akron Organizing Collaborative (AOC) is a broad-based organizing effort in Ohio’s Summit and Stark counties. To date, AOC has fought for fair hiring policies and is addressing issues of foreclosures and vacant properties. AOC is composed of neighborhood circles, civic groups, churches, social service agencies, and other community organizations.

The AMOS Project

The AMOS Project is a coalition of congregations in Greater Cincinnati dedicated to advancing justice and improving the quality of life for all residents. AMOS develops the leadership skills of low-income and working families to participate in public life. Through direct actions, rallies and public meetings, AMOS leaders engage elected, business and community leaders to work together on critical community issues. Campaigns include removing barriers for returning citizens to find employment, the creation of Ohio's largest Community Benefits Agreement and advocating for voting rights. AMOS leaders are impelled by the prophet Amos who urged “see that justice is done.”

Columbus People's Partnership

The purpose of Columbus People’s Partnership is to be a powerful vehicle for faith, community, student and labor bases to act collectively toward a more economic and racially equitable Columbus. We employ three core strategic approaches: grassroots community organizing, public policy reform, and community organizing.

Visit our website to learn more.

Communications Workers of America

The Communications Workers of America, District 4 (CWA) includes over 200 local unions that represent workers in telecommunications, informational technology, publishing, print and electronic media, manufacturing, higher education, local government and health care.

CWA in Ohio has long been a leader in community labor partnerships helping to form all of the Jobs With Justice groups in the state, leading Stand Up for Ohio in 2011, being on the forefront of the repeal of SB5, and defending voting rights for all Ohioans. CWA has nearly 40,000 members in Ohio.

Communities United for Responsible Energy

Communities United for Responsible Energy (CURE) began as OOC’s response to fracking in Ohio in 2013. The campaign has grown into an effort to connect racial, social and economic justice to environmental issues. We have three major prongs of work: fracking, hazardous waste, and energy/consumer advocacy.

Farm Labor Organizing Committee

The Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) was founded in the mid 1960s by Baldemar Velásquez organized migrant farmworkers in northwest Ohio. Today, FLOC represents a membership base of tens of thousands of migrant farmworkers, organized under two key principles: that farmworkers need a voice in the visions that affect them, and that all parties must sit at the table to discuss industry-wide programs.

Iron Workers

The Iron Workers District Councils of Northern and Southern Ohio have represented workers throughout Ohio since 1896. Ohio's Iron Workers are affiliated with the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamaneal and Reinforcing Iron Workers Union, AFL-CIO, representing over 120,000 members who have built nearly every major construction project in North America - including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sears Tower, the St. Louis Arch, and NYC's Freedom Tower. 

In Ohio, Iron Workers are building solidarity with community organizations to further the cause of social and economic justice, because 'we are stronger together'. 

Kirwan Institute at OSU

The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University has a mission to contribute meaningfully to the field of research and scholarship on race, ethnicity and social justice, to assist in reframing the way that we talk about, think about and act on race and ethnicity, and to deepen the understanding of the causes and consequences of and solutions to racial and ethnic hierarchy and disparity so that we can envision and realize a society that is fair and just for all people, where opportunity is not limited by race, ethnicity, gender, or class, where democratic ideals inform social policy, and where all people recognize and embrace the universal responsibility that each person has for the welfare of every other person.

All of Kirwan's research and scholarship is intended to have an implicit or explicit impact on policies in the real world. By creating a research-based structural lens to look at racism, the institute is shifting not only the way that racism is conceptualized, but also the way we conceive of strategies to counteract its impact. In shifting the way we talk about, think about and act on race, Kirwan hopes to give new meaning to the proposition that human destinies are intertwined.

Miami Valley Organizing Collaborative

Miami Valley Organizing Collaborative is a diverse alliance of neighborhood circles, churches, and labor unions working together to protect workers' rights and to improve the quality of life of people living in Montgomery County and southwestern Ohio. MVOC has organized hundreds of people to challenge the unfunded mandate of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, supported the effort to organize Walmart workers, called for the passage of immigration reform, and is fighting to end violence in low-income communities of color.

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Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope

The Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope (NOAH) is a broad-based community organization based in East Cleveland that serves as a sounding board for residents and umbrella organization for other nonprofits, faith-based institutions, and community groups in the region.

The revitalization of community is more than a brick and mortar investment. It must also include an investment in everyday people. To ensure revitalization that benefits instead of victimizes our community, NOAH seeks to strategically and intentionally build relationships with public and private institutions as well as communities and organizations that share our values.

NOAH invites the building of relationships between communities, partner institutions, and allies as we fight not just for equity in communities that currently don’t have it, but the entire region, because we understand that our regional success is connected to how equitable all our communities are.

Ohio Baptist State Convention

The Ohio Baptist State Convention (OBSC) is an organized body of Baptist Churches seeking a common ground for fellowship, missions, Christian Education, evangelism and social welfare. OSBC operates under the leadership of Pastor Michael Harrison Sr., and has over 70 member congregations in Akron, Alliance, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Massilon, Toledo, Warren, and Youngstown. OBSC runs an extensive voter engagement program and has been actively involved in organizing for racial and economic justice across the state.

Ohio Justice and Policy Center

The Ohio Justice & Policy Center (OJPC) is a non-profit law office that works for productive reform of Ohio’s criminal justice system. Through collaboration, research, community education and litigation, OJPC advocates for a smart-on-crime, evidence-based approach to criminal justice.

Currently OJPC is promoting the rehabilitation of formerly incarcerated individuals, enabling them to successfully integrate into the community, and eliminating racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Ohio Prophetic Voices

Ohio Prophetic Voices (OPV) is a statewide network of clergy and congregations committed to moving a powerful prophetic narrative around racial and economic justice in their congregations and the larger public sphere.

As the dominant narrative of individualism, scarcity and fear underpins a public agenda to limit government, increase the amount of private wealth for the few and sow division through racism and exclusion, OPV puts forth a bold vision grounded in our deepest faith values. More than 150 clergy and congregations have been involved in OPV to date including many evangelical churches across Ohio.

Ohio Student Association

Ohio Student Association (OSA) is a statewide youth organization that organizes and trains young people across Ohio to build and wield local and statewide power. OSA provides students with the tools and infrastructure necessary to be advocates for our own collective social and economic well-being – through the development of an innovative movement-building model and building permanent infrastructure to exercise student power at the local and state level.

Our Harvest Cooperative

Our Harvest is a Cincinnati-based union worker-owned cooperative developed on the Mondragon model. Programs include a Weekly Harvest Box Program and training opportunities for new farmers. Our Harvest also operates a food hub that provides aggregation, distribution and technical assistance for local growers, and serves as a centralized source of local produce for institutions, grocery stores, restaurants, and other retail and wholesale buyers.

Our Harvest is committed to: creating family-sustaining jobs in greater Cincinnati; producing sustainably-grown, local produce and building a food hub to strengthen the local food system and increase access to healthy food; and sustaining these efforts by training new farmers. By growing quality jobs, healthy food, and skilled farmers, Our Harvest is strengthening the local work force and providing an environment in which all community members can flourish.

People's Justice Project
The People's Justice Project (PJP) organizes low income people & people of color to lead the fight against mass incarceration. Our vision is a transformation in our criminal justice system from criminalization and incarceration of individuals -particularly young people and people of color- to policies that support healing and growth for individuals, families, and communities. Through civic engagement, community organizing, and direct action, we will build independent political power in Ohio. Visit People's Justice Project on Facebook
Policy Matters Ohio

Policy Matters Ohio is a non-profit policy research organization founded in January 2000 to broaden the debate about economic policy in Ohio. In 2008, the Nation magazine named Policy Matters the most valuable state or regional organization in the country. Our mission is to create a more fair, prosperous, sustainable and inclusive Ohio, through research, media work and policy advocacy. Ohio faces enormous challenges from the global recession, three decades of deindustrialization, rising inequality, and global warming. We also see tremendous opportunity to reinvest in Ohio's workers, children, cities and infrastructure, to forge an economy that works better for all.

Service Employees International Union Local 1

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 unites more than 50,000 property service workers throughout mid-America, including janitors, security officers, residential doormen and maintenance workers, window cleaners, industrial workers, and theater and stadium workers. Together, members are winning livable wages as well as working with community leaders to advocate for the quality services the public deserves and the good jobs our communities need.

Toledoans United for Social Action

TUSA is a diverse coalition of congregations with a powerful, established community voice in Toledo. Individually and collectively, TUSA leaders build power, hold officials accountable, seek systemic change and pro- mote fairness, justice, and democracy. Organizers and leaders are committed to repealing the Safe Schools Ordinance, a controversial policy that disproportionately affects children from poor and minority homes.

United Food and Commercial Workers

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 75 is a union of 30,000 people working in over 500 supermarkets, drug stores, food processing and packing plants, and health care facilities in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Local 75 is one of the largest private-sector unions in the country, and is a community-based union dedicated to the economic and social well-being of its members, the growth and advancement of the labor movement, and developing partnerships with community and faith partners. UFCW Local 75 works to attain contracts with livable wages, affordable benefits, and job security providing a high standard of living, good quality of life, and economic security for members and their families.

Valley Voices

Valley Voices is a community organization partnering with neighborhood groups, faith- based institutions, labor unions, and nonprofit agencies in Northeastern Ohio’s Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana counties to build the capacity necessary to create sustainable change in our community. Valley Voices is dedicated to improving regional quality of life through the establishment and support of healthy neighborhoods. We believe that true change only occurs when individuals are actively engaged in the political, economic, and social decisions that affect their daily lives, and that capacity to create sustainable, progressive change is built one block at a time.


Advacement Project

Advancement Project is a next generation, multi-racial civil rights organization. Rooted in the great human rights struggles for equality and justice, we exist to fulfill America's promise of a caring, inclusive and just democracy. We use innovative tools and strategies to strengthen social movements and achieve high impact policy change.

Bus Federation

We help America’s biggest & most diverse generation take our rightful seat at democracy’s decision-making table. It’s not that we hate money in politics (although we aren’t its biggest fan). It’s just that we think democracy works better when more people participate–and that means voting, volunteering, speaking up, listening, and voting again.

Caring Across Generations

Caring Across Generations is building a national movement to transform the way we care in this country. We are harnessing the power of social action, social media and storytelling to spark connections across generations and to strengthen family and caregiving relationships.

Center for Community Change

The Center for Community Change is a progressive community organizing group active in the United States. It was founded in 1968 in response to civil rights concerns of the 1960s and to honor Robert F. Kennedy.

National People's Action

National People's Action (NPA) is a network of grassroots organizations with a fierce reputation for direct action from across the country that work to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda. NPA has over 200 organizers working to unite everyday people in cities, towns, and rural communities throughout the United States through direct-action, house meetings and community organizing.

PICO National Network

PICO is a national network of faith-based community organizations working to create innovative solutions to problems facing urban, suburban and rural communities. Since 1972 PICO has successfully worked to increase access to health care, improve public schools, make neighborhoods safer, build affordable housing, redevelop communities and revitalize democracy.